I’m Tatyana Kano, I go by Tanya and I'm the creative visionary behind Lunu Photography. I love being able to witness the raw emotions and intense love often experienced on a wedding day.

My love affair with timeless photography ignited when I stumbled upon a treasure trove of family photos. Imagine my grandma, a vision of 1970s glam looking like a runway model, and my great-grandma's enchanting studio portrait from the 1940s, a glamorous memento from Austria Germany before they were forced to leave. These photos were like portals to bygone eras, leaving me spellbound.

Now, let's talk style. My photography is a dance between vintage elegance and classic art deco charm. Think timeless poses that exude sophistication and that old-school Hollywood glamor that whispers of the past.

In high school, my mom and I had a delightful little ritual. We'd sip coffee and leaf through fashion magazines, idolizing models and immersing ourselves in their effortless style. I even had a phase where I yearned to be a model. Today, I use those model-worthy vibes to help the couples I work with to feel like they just stepped out of the pages of Vogue or GQ on their wedding day.

My past couples will tell you I’m known for providing an elegant experience with an unobtrusive presence and a know-how to curate an authentic moment with editorial-inspired photography my clients crave.

hello. I'm Tanya!



“My goal is to delicately weave the authentic narrative of your love story into the rich tapestry of your wedding day, crafting timeless wedding imagery that resonates with the soul."

I’m a Rock climber, hiker, kayaker and I love to travel!!

On the weekend you can often find me wine tasting. 

I love shopping, or treasure hunting as I call it, at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. I can always come away with fun finds. I love the trends, but my skirts tend to lean more classic than trendy. How about you? 

My story

I attended Law school for several years and began my career in a Law office. When my first child was born I decided to be a stay at home mom and left my legal profession; it was just not for me and I was glad to be done with that chapter in my life.  

As a new mom I began to hire professional photographers for our family's milestones. During an Easter session I found myself posing my entire family and directing the shoot. After a while I was hired as a contract photographer for a local Wedding & Events company as a lead photographer and that is when I fell in love with Wedding Photography. In 2021, Lunu Photography was formed and I opened a full- time photography business.  

On your wedding day, your joy should be unburdened by behind-the-scenes concerns. Allow me, your photographer – and in partnership with your wedding planner if you have one – to seamlessly manage the flow of your celebration behind the curtains.

With Lunu Photography, my commitment to your peace of mind begins the moment you book my services. I actively engage with you, your wedding planner, and the entire team during the planning stages. From scouting ideal locations for your wedding day photographs to meticulously crafting the timeline, I ensure that every detail is harmoniously aligned to optimize your experience.

My experience in photographing numerous weddings equips me to offer expert advice and valuable connections to trusted wedding vendors. I take genuine delight in capturing the intricate details and personal accents that you pour your hearts into. Ultimately, my mission is to deliver excellence to my clients, both in the quality of their imagery and the overall wedding experience, so that you can savor every moment without a worry in the world.


The Lunu Philosophy

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